Clan Bruce Of Annandale

20th Great Granddaughter of Robert The Bruce! Still fighting for freedom.



Enough said!


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Here’s A Thought

If a law2

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Need I Say More?


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9-11 Scientific Facts

I know this is a long video but it is well worth it. I am not a big conspiracy nut but this makes some very interesting and valid points.

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It May Come To This…What Would You Do?

I came across this little piece of history today and thought it posed a wonderful question. What would you do against a totally corrupt government to preserve your freedom?

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Freedom Lost

Watch these ridiculous gestapo type tactics that were used against U.S. citizens!

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State Of The Union

66429_311109915665901_2071679940_n Well, a lot has happened since I last posted here almost two years ago. None of it has been good.So I have decided to attempt my version of the “State of the Union”…as I see it. This is a personal opinion…nothing more and nothing less. I have been focusing all my efforts on usurping the current so-called “king” to no avail for the past two years. There is nothing else I can do but complain…and prepare. My greatest fear is that no amount of preparation will be enough. Every morning I ask myself “will this be the day”? Is this the day that the Obama Nazi‘s begin rounding up patriots and calling them criminals? How did we come to this point in time…the last hope of freedom destroyed?

A lot of it, I believe, is based on fear. People fear the unknown, failure, going without, pain, struggle, death… but most of all they fear taking a stand and being called a criminal. At least that’s how it appears to me. This scenario is being played out in Syria right now, except they are fighting back. The problem is that they are accepting help from terrorists like Al-Qaeda and Hamas to name a few. That is the wrong way to go. The only help that the patriots have backing them is God and the knowledge that they are in the right. But what better support can you ask for than God’s Holy Angelic Army?

I can not comprehend why Congress is allowing this abomination to continue. They have basically allowed him to declare himself king as they kiss the dirt he treads upon. He is ruling by executive order. Do you know that he has passed into law approximately 923 EO‘s compared to Bush’s 60+ orders? Do you care? You should. It’s your rights and freedoms that he is stealing away. The silence on what is going on is deafening!

What  bothers me above all else is the absence of REAL men…especially in D.C.! The ones who are supposed to be working for us and watching our backs. Where the hell are they at? Why are they pussy-footing around if they truly exist? I can only assume that they have all gone over to the darkside. Use your heads man! If you fear that your family would be at risk…protect them and then step up to the plate. There are no guarantees in life. You just have to plan well and hope for the best while preparing to face the worst…if need be.

   Unfortunately, I can perceive no one who will help us as they prepare to enslave us all. Do you think you’re exempt just because you pal around with them? Ha! The joke is on you! No one will be safe…absolutely NO ONE! So as you stand idly by, watching our country…our freedom…crumble away before your very eyes…think on these words and remember that you might have made a difference if only you had done something:

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Glenn Beck’s CPAC Speech

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Well Obama…Can You Hear Us Now?

By Lady J. Coulter

Do you believe us now? We’re not bluffing! When we say stop your unconstitutional policies or you’ll all be fired…we mean it! Massachusetts is just the beginning.

We don’t want your healthcare.

We don’t want your back door deals.

We don’t want your imaginary stimulus handouts.

We don’t want your imaginary jobs.

We don’t want your imaginary climate change propaganda.

We don’t want to pay for lawyers for terrorists.

We won’t believe the crap you spread about the “evil” bankers when it is obvious that you are forcing them into the position for which you condemn them.

We don’t want the tons of new taxes you’ve thought up.

We don’t want your out-of-control spending.

We are not stupid peons.

But, most importantly…we will not give up our freedom without a fight!

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Not With My Money!

by Lady J. Coulter

Some people are wondering why Conservatives are up in arms over federally funded abortions. Being one of these Conservatives, I thought I would tell you my viewpoint on this subject.

First of all, I have always been “free-choice” on this subject. It is not my place to tell people what they should do with their bodies even if I don’t agree with them. I expect the same courtesy in return (although they have no problem telling me I can’t smoke). A little hypocritical, I think.

But if they can live with their conscience then who am I to tell them not to do it? It breaks my heart to think of all those unborn babes who will never know the joys of life. They bring such happiness, allowing adults to experience the wonders of the world again through their eyes. It is a great gift!

Now this health care bill that they are trying to pass says that they would be allowed to use my money to pay for this indiscriminate taking of life! I vehemently object to this!

I am given no choice in the matter of paying the taxes they collect even though there is no law to back it up but I refuse to pay for abortions! By this one bill, if it passes, they literally make me (and everyone else with the same convictions) an accessory to murder! I cannot abide this. I refuse to be made a killer by association when I do not agree with it.

How will I answer my God when he says I have broken His Commandments? Should I risk my soul for a government that wants to please a minority…make history…get reelected? I think not! My conscience won’t allow it! If they continue with these actions they condemn our souls to Hell!

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